Self Managing Leadership

Self Managing Leadership and the Oxford Leadership academy

“Live with intention. Be present. Be inclusive. Get thing done through collaborative action based on collective wisdom. This is authentic leadership” ~ Brian Bacon

Self Managing Leadership (SML) is one of the world’s most successful leadership development courses for global Executives, Government Officers and Professionals. Over 200,000 alumni and top executives from 90 countries. The course was created and developed by Brian Bacon, founder and president of the Oxford Leadership Academy, now one of the world’s top leadership consultancies.

 ‘The Academy’s programmes and change management consulting help top management in the execution of their plans by aligning people, culture and strategy with a purpose beyond product and profit. While facilitating the process of organisational realignment, we ensure that the human dimensions are sensitively managed.”

“The core benefit of Oxford Leadership Academy’s suite of executive development programmes is achieving new levels of personal insight. This insight enables managers to understand and articulate their own values, purpose and vision and thus become more effective leaders.” *

* Excerpts from the Oxford Leadership Academy’s website.

What is Self Managing Leadership?

Leadership, like everything else in life, has two dimensions: the external and the internal. The external or interpersonal dimension of leadership relates to the actual business of making things happen, managing relationships and day to day activities. The internal or intrapersonal dimension is about personal attitude, beliefs, emotions and habits. Leaders, like every other human beings, have to deal with their teams, with their people and with uncontrollable, ever changing, external conditions – and they have to deal with themselves [read more…]

Leadership and management by Stephen R. Covey

Although many people still confuse the two, there is a fundamental difference between leadership and management. In the words of both Peter Drucker and Warren Bennis, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” Stephen R. Covey elaborates on the thought that management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success whilst leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall [read more…]

Images and reality of Leadership – do they match?

The common assumption that you become a leader because you have a name card is a myth: you become a leader because people chose to follow you. It requires trust, integrity and character. Character is essential because at time of failure, people will support someone who has character but they will kick out someone who doesn’t. Character is revealed at the time of obstacles

Brian Bacon presents ‘Winds of Change’

Brian Bacon, Founder and President of Oxford Leadership Academy, creator of the Self Managing leadership course, addresses executives on how to sharpen their leadership focus, and effectively guide their organisations and teams through even the toughest of times. Business today plays a determining role in the future of civilisation and needs to redefine itself beyond the sole pursuit of profit.

M.A.S.T.E.R. the six essential points

Successful leaders do not compete, they create. Successful leaders do not control, they empower. Successful leaders do not force, they influence. In this short video, Brian Bacon introduces the M.A.S.T.E.R. plan and the six key practices of authentic people empowerment and effective leadership.

The ‘Iceberg Principle’

Is your team, your organisation, your family or your life guided by deep and meaningful undercurrents or is it moved by the winds? Brian Bacon makes the difference between the ‘science of business’ and the realities of deeply ingrained patterns of feelings and behaviour which really determine the future we are heading for.


Three fundamental transformations

Brian Bacon, Founder and President of Oxford Leadership Academy, discusses the three fundamental transformations required if individuals and businesses are going to survive and prosper during the current economic crisis.


SML how it all began

Brian Bacon reflects on organizational change and recalls the genesis of the Self Managing Leadership Program

“Most senior management make a similar assumption when initiating major changes in their organizational strategy, structure and culture: the assumption that the attitudes and behaviours of their employees will automatically fall in line with the newly stated ‘core values’ and ‘guiding principles’ defined and printed in the freshly printed corporate plan. They assume that you can change mind sets and mentalities in the same way as you change the company logo [read more…]


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