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Value based leadership

August 26, 2011


In a world in which ruthless exploitation and competition, self serving behaviours and instability seem to be the norms, value based leadership holds a number of extraordinary promises that any sensible leader would dream of: self managing employees; lesser need for supervision and control; greater respect between people; increased enthusiasm and dedication to the task; […]

Leadership of People.

August 23, 2011


Frederic Labarthe introduces the main ideas behind the Self Managing Leadership concept. “Successful leaders do not compete, they create. Successful leaders do not control, they empower. Successful leaders do not force, they influence.” ~ Brian Bacon The world in which we live today requires more from leaders than good management skills or cleverness at getting […]

The Spirit of Service

August 3, 2011


Whether you are about to start your own business, already have one and need to raise performance or simply seek to live a satisfying life, there is a basic choice you need to make that will make a world of difference to the way you live: do you consider your work as something you ‘have […]

Watch Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits

August 3, 2011


Watch Stephen Covey’s free video program.                                                   Discover the 8th Habit                                         […]