Stand Out!

An article by Jon Gordon

It’s not enough to just show up to work. In today’s economy you must stand out at work to differentiate yourself and your company.

When I think of who stands out, I think of Publix Super Markets. When you shop in their grocery stores and can’t find an item, their employees are trained to walk you to the aisle and take you to the product you are looking for. I personally can attest this has saved me hours of time and the embarrassment of wandering aimlessly around the store looking for the very thing my wife sent me there to get. I would even venture to say that Publix has improved my marriage.

Les Schwab Tires also stands out. When you drive up to their tire centers their manager or crew will run outside to greet you with a sincere welcome and smile. I was recently talking about Les Schwab to a CEO on the west coast and he said, “I love that place. That’s where I take my car. They actually run outside and greet you when you pull up.”

You see, when you do things that stand out, people notice. Then they talk about you to others. They become a powerful and free source of advertising for you. And most of all they become loyal customers.

Courtney from American Airlines stands out. He works at DFW. I was taking a flight fromDallastoMiamilast week. It was a long week of travel and speaking engagements. The gate agent wouldn’t let me take my carry-on-bag on the plane because he said there wasn’t room. (I later found out there was plenty of room). As I was about to board the plane I saw Courtney. He was dressed like a manager so I told him my situation and that I really needed my bag on the plane and that my recent flights with American have not been great experiences. He asked for my claim ticket and said he would be right back. A few minutes later he came back with my bag. When I asked him for his card, because I wanted to write the airline, he said “You don’t need my card. This is between you and me. I just want to make a difference and make you love my airline.”

Courtney made a big difference, not only in my day but in my decision to fly American again. He’s an example that one person who decides to stand out can make a difference.

So, if you are reading this Courtney, thank you. The difference you made is just between you and me…and the hundred thousand people that read this. : )

When you stand out, people notice, they talk about you and they tell others.

Standing out doesn’t take a lot of time and money. It doesn’t require a complicated process.

Standing out is about doing the little things that show people you care about your job and you care about them.

How will you stand out? Come up with your own unique ways and let us know how it goes. Share on our blog or Facebook page.

When our goal  is EXCELLENCE , the outcome & by-product is often SUCCESS

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